Uma Pharmatech Machinery is Focus &Involved in Research and Bioreactor manufacturer of in Ahmedabad for various fermentation Industries Like Probiotics, API, Cell Culture, Animal Cell Culture, Biofertilizer and Biopesticides Etc..

Advanced Key Feature Of UPM Bioreactor Manufacturers

  • Controlling with fully advances and semi automatic control of process.
  • Extremes quality range of Jindal Make SS 304 or SS316L and With Accurate process Parameter Automation.
  • Ethernet connectivity and internet connectivity with features of Anywhere monitoring and Recording.

Application of Bioreactors in  Various Companies and Fields:

  • Biotech and life science Industries
  • Pharmaceutical and Agriculture
  • Pro biotech and pre biotech
  • For Manufacturing Of Biopesticides and Micro Nutrients Manufacturing
  • Enzymes and Protein Manufacturing
  • Antibiotics Bulk Drug and API Manufacturing.
  • Vaccine Development
  • Aqua Culture
  • Bio Plastic
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What is the most commonly used bioreactor?

Stainless Steel Made Fermenter is Generally Used In Biotech Lab, Microbiology lab. Glass Fermenter is Commonly Used In School, College and University For Student Perform Different Study Practical. Glass Fermenter Price is Very Low Compared With Stainless Steel Fermenter. Industrial Fermenter and Pilot Scale Is Best Suitable For Commercial Production Of API, Biofertilizer, Antibiotics, Enzymes, Probiotics, Vaccine Etc.
Fermenter and Bioreactor Manufacturing Is Too Much Complicated For Biotech Researcher. Specialized Tools and Technique is Require To Build Perfect Bioreactor. In Industrial More Then 300 Different Types Of Parts and Utility Is Require. In Bioreactor Manufacturing Mechanical+ Electrical + Biotech Experienced Team Is Require. Thus Big Investment and Manpower is Require For Manufacturing Of Industrial Fermenter.

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Pharma Api Plant

Uma Pharmatech Machinery is Involves in developing quality Based Bioreactor Manufacturer in Ahmedabad that Convert organic Product into alcohol With the Help Op Fermentation Vessel. Many Product Like Wine, Pure honey, short mead Product is made In  Stainless Steel Bioreactor and Top plate Made of stainless steel 304 Grade as many of the fermentation process produce High Yield. The Inside of our SS Bioreactor can be easily monitored by serializable Electrodes Which records Vessel and Jacket Of Bioreactor temperature, Vessel pressure, stirrer speed, Media pH, Dissolve Oxygen & Co2 Gas out From Bioreactors. Now  the  air Enter Through Sterile PP Plated Filter and Transfer Through NRV and SS Housing into the Spurger Line Of Glass Bioreactor & Solenoid valve  Automictic releases the pressure from the top of the  Stainless Steel Bioreactor Or Bench Top Bioreactors and Make Pressure Using Inline Solenoid Valve.

Which bioreactor is best?

For Laboratory Scale Research Glass Made Fermenter Bioreactor Is Best. Cost Of Laboratory Fermenter Is Vert Low Compared With Industrial Fermenter. Autoclave is Require To Sterile Glass Bioreactor. For Pilot Scale Fermenter and Industrial Fermenter Bioreactor CIP & SIP System is Require. For CIP and SIP Very Complicated Pipeline is Require. Price Of Pilot Scale Fermenter and Industrial Fermenter Bioreactor Is Same Almost.
Fully Automatic Fermenter System Is Require For Production In Pharmaceutical Industry. Because Of SCADA/ PLC Based Automatic Data Acquisition and Data Logging Paper Work Become Less. IQ, Oq, PQ, DQ Documentation Automatic Generate Report in Industrial Bioreactor.

Fed Batch Bioreactor

Uma Pharmatech Made Pilot Scale Bioreactors Is Compact Design , Versatile To Use , and Fully Automatic Controlling. UPM 1000L is a combination of borosilicate of glass vessels and SS316L top plate equipped with standard ports for Side sensor Ports 4 Nos , Sample Side Ports With Aseptic Serializable, Media /Acid/ Base Inlet, Gas exhaust, Dip Pipe. Top driven Agitator With Gearbox & motor With Stuffing Box Or Single Dry Mechanical SEal. We Offre Bioreactor With Removable impellers like Rushton turbine Six Blade, marine type Propeller .UPM  control  Panel For automatic process Function like temperature Measurement and Control, Digital Measurement pH, Dissolve Oxygen Meter, Control Of foam With Head Space Air Inlet Passes Through Serializable Filter. Ph Control System With acid and Base Dosing Pump System also integrates with Well Programmed PLC System software For Automatic/ Manual control, monitor and Data log process/ Data Acquisitions batch data centrally. UMA PHARMATECH Machinery UPM 1000L Product series a wide range of versatile, high-performance 5L and 7.5L autoclavable Bioreactor system Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Industrial Fermenter For Enzymes Production

stirred tank fermenter

  • UPM Designed  Automatic Bioreactors is highly customizable As Per Customer Need with Batch or Fed Batch Fermentations With Utility Like Chiller, Compressor, Steam Boiler Etc.
  •  Uma Pharmatech Laboratory Bioreactor system is Manufacturing for Complete aseptic operation With Positive Pressure Maintain System. Oil Free Air is sterilized using 0.2 μ sterilizable PP/ PTFE air filter With Gousing At Inlet /and Gas Outlet to provide sparger Line & overlay aeration to the Fermenter.
  • Stainless Steed 304 Grade jacket or SS Limpet Coil Made From  Sheet For Heat exchange area is provided with is provided with Manual Primary Circulate temperature Measurement In SS Bioreactors as a Manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

Use Of Fermenter

Uma Pharmatech Machinery have Fully Automatic and Heavy instrumentation control panel which includes Touchscreen display, PLC , Isolated IOs, various Communication .We offer list of controls as following:

  • Digital Temperature Controls
  • Automictic Media Sterilization System With No Overheating and Safe From Become Charcoal
  • Advanced Agitation Control Control By Dissolve Oxygen Rate 
  • Automictic pH Control
  • Automatic DO cascade 
  • Manual / Automatic Media Or Nutrient Feeding In Bioreactors
  • Mechanical Deformer For Continues Antifoam Control
  • Continues Process  pressure control By Air Inlet Solenoid Valve

UPM Offer Communication Optional as Bioreactor Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

  • PLC Based Programming Control
  • Scada Based Controlling
  • Module Based Controlling
  • Microprocessor Based Manual Controlling and Communication Through LAN Cable.

How to build a bioreactor?

Bioreactor Is a Very Complicated Manufacturing Process. in Manufacturing Of Bioreactor Require Specific Design Team, Research Team, Experienced Fitter and Fitter, Installation and Validation Team, Inspection Team. Mechanical + Engineering + Biotech +Electrical Experts Require To Built Perfect Bioreactor. Price Of Standard Design Bioreactor is Very Costly. Uma Pharmatech Machinery Is One Of The Leading Manufacturer Supplier and Indian Exporter. UPM Manufacturing Unit Located In Gujarat India.
As Per Operating Bioreactor Mainly Divide In 3 Parts 1) Manual Operating (Micro processing Controller Is Use To Build This Fermenter Bioreactors.) Glass Made Bioreactors and Fermenters are involved in This Category. 2) Semi Automatic Operating Bioreactors 3) Fully Automatic Fermenter Bioreactors( In This Fermenter Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Is Used To Control All Parameter Automatically. In This Fermenter SCADA/ PLC Based Programming System Is Used To Control and Measure All Parameter. Automatic Report Generation and Data Logging Facility Is Cover In This System. As Per Data Records Of Batch Selling is Authorized in Pharma and Biotech Companies.

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