Fermentors and bioreactors are Necessary equipment in the biotechnology industry. They are employed to cultivate microorganisms for a variety of uses, including yeast and bacteria. The design and manufacture of premium bioreactors and fermentors that are appropriate for a variety of applications, from research and development to commercial production, is our area of expertise at Uma Pharmatech Machinery.

At Uma Pharmatech, we are aware of the value of top-notch fermenters and bioreactors in the biotechnology sector. We have created a wide range of bio-reactors and fermenters to satisfy different needs since we are dedicated to giving our clients the best products available. We will go over the many kinds of bio-reactors and fermenters, their uses, and how our products can aid you in achieving your objectives in this post.

Fermenter Manufacturer in Pune Maharashtra

Do you require dependable and high-quality fermenter and bioreactor manufacturers in North India? Don’t look anywhere else! We will look at the leading manufacturers and suppliers in several states, including Punjab, Amritsar, Haryana, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Mohali, in this thorough guide. Use this article’s information to help you decide between an industrial bioreactor and a laboratory-scale fermenter. Then let’s get started!

What is fermenter and its function?

Fermenter is a Equipment To Manufacture Vaccine, API, Bio Product Like Biofertilizer and Biopesticides, Enzymes Etc. Fermenter Main Function Is To Maintain Aseptic Closed Condition During Process Of Fermentation To Avoid Contamination in Batch. During Process Various Parameter Can Control Like Temperature, Process Pressure, Ph Control, Oxygen Dissolved Control, Agitation Control Etc. Uma pharmatech Machinery Is one Of the Trusted Manufacturer and Suppliers in India
there are Many Types Of Fermenter Like Fed Batch Fermenter, Stainless Steel Fermenter, Automatic Fermenter, Semi Automatic Fermenter, Industrial Fermenter, Pilot Scale Fermenter, Laboratory Fermenter, Cell Culture Fermenter, Aerobic Fermenter, Air Lift Fermenter Etc. Uma Pharmatech Machinery is One Of The Best Quality Fermenter Manufacturer and Supplier at Very Low Cost With Semi Automatic PLC /SCADA Based Control System In Gujarat India.

Types of Bioreactors and Fermentors

Our business provides a variety of bioreactors and fermentors to meet the needs of various applications. The most typical kinds of fermentors and bioreactors include:

The most popular type of bioreactors are stirred-tank reactors, which have a cylindrical Fermenter vessel with an impeller that stirs the contents. They can be customised with features like pH and temperature control, oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring, and nutrient supply control. They are used for both aerobic and anaerobic cultures.

Air-Lift Bioreactors: These bioreactors operate by using air to circulate the culture media instead of a mechanical impeller. They can be tailored with different features and are utilized for delicate cultures that call for gentle mixing.

Packed-Bed Bioreactors: These bioreactors sustain the microorganisms in a bed of solid material, such as beads or fibers. These can be customized with a variety of features and are used for immobilised cell cultures.

Photo-Bioreactors: These bioreactors cultivate photosynthetic bacteria using light as an energy source. They are employed in the synthesis of biofuels, biomass, and other biological products.

Bioreactor applications

There are several uses for bioreactors, including:

manufacture of food and drink
production of pharmaceuticals
Treatment of waste water
production of renewable energy

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries require bioreactors. Bioreactor types vary, and they are categorised according to a number of distinct criteria. Stirred-tank bioreactors, photo-bioreactors, membrane bioreactors, fluidized bed bioreactors, and packed bed bioreactors are some of the most popular types of bioreactors. Food and beverage production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, wastewater treatment, bioremediation, and the creation of renewable energy are just a few of the many uses for bioreactors.

Who Manufactures Bioreactor Fermenter?

Many Company are available In Indian Market For Laboratory Fermenter Bioreactor. Uma Pharmatech Machinery is One Of The Trusted Brand For Manufacturing Of Pilot Scale Fermenter and Industrial Bioreactors. UPM Provide Best Quality and Automatic Bioreactor Manufacturer in India. Uma Pharmatech Present Low Cost Industrial Fermenter Bioreactor With All Necessary Equipments Like Compressor, Chiller, Steam Boiler, Cooling Tower, Pipeline, Skid Erc..
Lab Model Of Microbial Bioreactor Price Start From 500000/- Per Fermentation Plant Setup. Pilot Scale Model Of Microbial Bioreactor Price Start From 1500000/- Per Fermentation Plant Setup. Lab Model Of Microbial Bioreactor Price Start From 2500000/- Per Fermentation Plant Setup.

Laboratory Bioreactor Exporter From India

What are Bioreactors?

A bioreactor is a vessel that aids a biological reaction to produce a particular good. There are several uses for bioreactors, including the fermentation of food products like beer and wine. In the pharmaceutical sector, bioreactors are used to develop medications, vaccines, and antibiotics.

Types of Bioreactors

Bioreactor types vary, and they are categorized according to a number of distinct criteria. Common classifying factors include:

Procedure for combining
Operation mode
Kind of process
The most typical kinds of bioreactors consist of:

Stirred-Tank Bioreactors Photo-Bioreactors Membrane Fluidized bed in bioreactors Stacked bed of bioreactors Bioreactors

Bioreactors with stirred tanks

The most popular kind of bioreactors in use right now are stirred-tank systems. They are adaptable and can be utilized for a variety of biological activities, such as enzymatic reactions, cell culture, and fermentation. They are usually cylindrical and include a stirrer to help the biological reaction mix.


Photosynthetic processes are made easier by photo-bioreactors. Algae and other phototrophic organisms that need light to grow are cultivated using them. They frequently have extra functions like agitation and temperature control in addition to being transparent to let in the most light possible.

Flow-through bioreactors

Sand or another form of medium is used in fluidized bed bioreactors, which are utilized in the treatment of wastewater. The liquid flow fluidizes the sand or other media, generating a turbulent environment that aids in the biological activity.

Tightly packed bioreactors

Antibiotics, enzymes, and other items are produced in packed bed bioreactors. They are typically covered with the microbe that performs the biological process and packed with a solid support material.


Fermenter Manufacturer In Maharashtra

Applications of Bio-reactors and Fermenters

There are several uses for bioreactors and fermenters, including: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Antibiotics, vaccines, and insulin are just a few of the medicinal goods that are produced in bio-reactors and fermenters. Biotechnology Production Bioreactors and fermenters are used in the production of biologics, such as monoclonal antibodies. These medicines are used to treat a number of illnesses, such as cancer, autoimmune conditions, and infectious diseases. Production of Food and Drink Beer, wine, and yoghurt are just a few of the food and beverage products that are produced in bio-reactors and fermenters. Applications in the Environment In order to process wastewater and produce biofuels, which can lessen our reliance on fossil fuels, bio-reactors and fermenters are utilized.

We provide a range of fermenters and bioreactors, including:

Fermenters on a Table Top For Laboratory Scale
For small-scale research and development initiatives, we created bench-top fermenters. They provide fine control over process variables and are simple to utilize.

Fermenters at a Pilot Scale
Our larger-scale research and development program are intended to use our pilot-scale fermenters. They can be tailored to match particular demands and offer cutting-edge control features.

Large-Scale Industrial Fermenters
Our large-scale fermenters are made to produce biologics and other goods on a massive scale. They can be tailored to meet unique needs and offer cutting-edge control features like automated cleaning and sterilization.

Application Of Fermenters in Various Industries

Industry of pharmaceuticals Antibiotics, vaccines, and other therapeutic items are made using fermenters. They are also employed in the creation of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. The biotechnology sector Enzymes, biofuels, and other specialty chemicals are made using fermenters. Also, they assist in the creation of fresh biotechnological tools and procedures. Industries of Food and Beverages Alcoholic beverages, dairy products, and other food goods are all produced using fermenters. They are also employed in the creation of organic acids that are utilized as food preservatives, such as lactic acid.



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Punjab, Amritsar, Haryana, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Mohali, and Bhatinda stand out as significant sites when it comes to fermenter and bioreactor Exporters and Manufacturers in India. To meet a variety of needs, from laboratory-scale research to large-scale industrial production, the producers and suppliers in these areas provide a wide selection of fermenters and bioreactors. You may confidently select the ideal fermenter or bioreactor for your unique requirements by taking into account the experience and capabilities of these manufacturers.

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