UMA PHARMATECH MACHINERY is one of the leading Bioreactor Manufacturer in Gujarat. Our aims is to make best and position our
products and services and Industrial Bioreactor with our quality and best after-sales services. UPM Bioreactor Manufacturing Experience with Top 10 passion, the Extrema quality of our products and services, increasing list of esteemed Searcher and finders For Bioreactor Manufacturer in Gujarat make us one of the Quality Organization to the biotech Industry, pharmaceutical Industry, Biopesticides and  biofertilizer Manufacturing Plant etc. in Gujarat. Uma Pharmatech Machinery Every Time Focus to Automictic Spreading UPM position as an expert Fermenter bioreactor Manufacturing Company In Gujarat India.
We Provide Excellent innovative Biofertilizer and Biopesticides Manufacturing  technology provider. 

Which bioreactor is best?

The intended application, the type of cells or microorganisms being produced, the required size of production, and the budget are some of the variables that determine the optimal bioreactor. Stirred tank, airlift, and photobioreactors are just a few of the different kinds of bioreactors that are available. Stirred tank bioreactors are frequently used to produce a variety of biological products, including industrial enzymes, proteins, and vaccines. They are most effective for growing cells that need a lot of mixing and aeration. Cells that need low shear stress conditions and are sensitive to shear forces can be grown in airlift bioreactors. They are frequently employed to produce algae, bacteria, and yeast. The ideal bioreactor for your needs will ultimately depend on your unique needs and application. To discover the bioreactor that best meets your demands, it is advised to speak with a subject matter specialist and do extensive research. Algae and cyanobacteria are two examples of the photosynthetic microorganisms that can be grown in photobioreactors. With a controlled light source and an improved gas exchange, they offer a regulated environment for the growth of these bacteria.
A laboratory fermentor’s capacity can vary significantly depending on the maker and intended usage. Small-scale investigations are conducted in laboratory fermentors, which have capacities ranging from a few litres to several hundred litres. Sizes of standard laboratory fermentors include 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50 litres. These more compact fermentors are perfect for process improvement, product testing, and research & development. Some manufacturers provide custom-sized fermentors in addition to the regular sizes to satisfy particular needs and allow for greater scale experiments. It is advised to carefully assess the fermentor’s size and capacity based on the scale and length of your experiment, as well as your space constraints and financial constraints.

Bioreactor Manufacturer in Gujarat



What is the Size Of Small Fermenter?

Depending on the maker and the intended usage, a tiny fermenter’s size can change. However, a small scale fermenter’s typical size might range from 2L to 20L. Small-scale fermenters are frequently employed for research and development tasks, including testing novel fermentation techniques and comparing various microorganism strains. Before moving up to bigger commercial fermenters, these tiny fermenters allow researchers to run tests on a smaller scale. A small fermenter’s dimensions can be changed to suit the particular needs and specifications of each experiment. UPM Made 10Litter Stainless Steel Insitu Fermenter With All Utility(Chiller + Boiler + Compressor +Ph Control +Temp. Control + VFD +PLC System) Cost Is 7 Lac +18% GST in India.
A lab scale bioreactor’s cost might vary depending on the size, features, and manufacturer, among other things. An entry-level lab size bioreactor typically costs between a few thousand and tens of thousands of dollars. Advanced features on higher-end versions, such temperature and pH control, can raise the price even further. To choose the best bioreactor for your particular demands and budget, it is advised to conduct research and evaluate various models and manufacturers. Uma Pharmatech Machinery Fermenter Cost is Very Low With Same Features Of Other Fermenter Manufacturer in All Over India. UPM (Uma Pharmatech Machinery) Supply Pilot Scale Fermenter 100 Litter With All Utility and Automation in 10.5 Lac+ 18% GST.

Industrial fermenters meet the needs of Industrial scale Fermenter  manufacturing in industries such as medicines, biofuels, and bioplastics. These fermenters are built to handle bigger quantities and include innovative control systems and automation capabilities to ensure efficient and dependable operation. Capacity, construction materials (e.g., stainless steel), agitator types, heat transfer methods, and integrated control systems all influence the pricing of industrial fermenters in India. Industrial fermenters are more expensive than laboratory-size ones due to their bigger scale and enhanced features.

bioreactor Manufacturer in Gujarat

fermentor and bioreactor

UPM Industrial Fermenter and Bioreactors is Also Compact, Robust Construction & Reliable. Uma Pharmatech Machinery Automimic Bioreactor System Made SS Stainless Steel 316 Grade & Toughen glass. Fermenter top plate or Head Plate Comes With 6 Ports For Various Use Like dosing, Inlet, exhaust, Sterile sampling. Top driven Mechanical Couple driven motor option for mechanical seal as well with multi-options removable Ruston Turbines l Or Propeller Stirrer type. Our Fermenter Panel is Control Fully automatic process and Sterilization For Blank and Media Sterilization parameters like temperature, pH, DO, foam, MFC etc. with built-in Dosing pumps. Option to access from anywhere over Cable or Ethernet Connectivity Or Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity also integrates with indigenous PLC Programmed Based software For control, monitor, or log process/Sterilization/batch data centrally. UPM Provide wide range of versatile, high-performance1-50L autoclavable Bioreactor systems.

Types of Fermenters

Fermenters vary in type, size, and configuration depending on the application and industry requirements. In Rajasthan, the following fermenters are commonly used: Batch fermenters: The most basic type of fermenter, in which the entire batch of material is inoculated at once and allowed to ferment until finished. They are appropriate for small-scale productions and are relatively easy to operate and maintain. Continuous fermenters are designed to operate continuously, with fresh substrate added and product harvested on a continuous basis. They are frequently employed in large-scale industrial applications. Aerobic fermenters are intended to aid in the growth of microorganisms that require oxygen to respire. Antibiotics, enzymes, and other biologically active substances are frequently produced using them. Anaerobic fermenters are designed to aid in the growth of microorganisms that do not require oxygen to respire. They’re commonly used to make organic acids, alcohols, and other biochemicals.
Fermenters have varying features depending on the application and industry requirements. Some of the common characteristics of Rajasthan fermenters include: Most fermenters in Rajasthan are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Temperature and pH Control: Fermenters have temperature and pH sensors to monitor and control the fermentation process. Fermenters have an agitation system that is used to mix the substrate and microorganisms and to increase the mass transfer of nutrients and oxygen. Fermenters are outfitted with a sterilization system, which is used to sterilize the equipment before and after each batch to prevent contamination.

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We are a famous name occupied with giving a broad combination of Sterilization Fermenter. This fermenter is designed by using quality guaranteed parts under the direction of exceptionally talented experts. It is accessible with us in different models, design and other related details. Likewise, this range is inspected properly by our quality specialists upon different parameters of quality.

Pilot Scale Bioreactors
UPM P Series: 50L To 500L
Gross Capacities: Up To 500L
Fed Batch Capacity: 70% Of Gross Volume.

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We Make Solid business plans For Fermenter and Bioreactor Supply and Export With transparent business Strategy. UPM Focus On to create long-term value Of Fermenter and Bioreactor To Our Happy Clients In Gujarat India. Uma Pharmatech Convert our Product growth into high Yields prosperity Average profitability. Uma Pharmatech Will Try To  Survive Every Time for excellence in Pilot Scale Bioreactor Exporter With customer satisfaction & Participate significantly towards the success of Enzymes Manufacturing  plans & Laboratory Bioreactor Supplier activities
of our End User.

Why UPM Bioreactors is Best?

UPM Bioreactor For Laboratory and Pilot Scale Model marked a valuable place in the market by offering Fully Automatic Bioreactor Manufacturer In Gujarat.

Salient features Of UPM Industrial Bioreactors:

  • Mirror Polishing in Inside and Outside
  • Proven Designed Bioreactor With Patented By Our Designer
  • L&t or Semense Based Control Unit 
  • High Durability Without Maintananse
  • Less Care To Be Taken Due To Automatic Operation
  • Perfect Model Suggestion As Per Application To Out Clients
  • Hassle Free and Acceptance at the Time Of Finalization Deal For Bioreactor Suppliers With All Terms and Condition
  • Time To Time Disclose All Process  After PO Received.

What is the Price Of Fermentor and Bioreactor in India?

Price Of Laboratory Bioreactor Start From 6 Lac With Semiautomatic Control. 100 Litter Pilot Scale Fermenter Set With Automatic Controlling With Chiller, Steam Boiler, Compressor, Skid, Ph Control System Price Start From 15 Lac/ Set. Uma Pharmatech Machinery Provide High Quality PLC Based Automatic Fermenter as a Indian Exporter. Price Of UPM Fermenter Is Very Low Compared With Other Indian Brand. 1000 Litter Industrial Fermenter Price Stary From 23Lac/ Plant With All Utility. Because Of Inhouse Bulk Manufacturing Of Fermenter Uma Pharmatech Can Sell Low Cost Fermenter and Bioreactor For Pilot Scale and Lab Scale Plant.
Glass Fermenter Cost in India is Start From RS 500000/ Bioreactor. in 2023 Cost Of Glass Bioreactor increase to much then Expected Because Of Electronics and Raw Material Price Increase. Stainless Steel Bioreactor is best Compared With Glass Bioreactor Because Pressure Can Not Sustain By Glass. Proper Sterilization and Process Can Be Automated in Stainless Steel Insitu Fermenter Bioreactor. Uma Pharmatech Machinery is One Of The Best Indian Exporter and Fermenter Manufacturer in India.

Lab-scale research and large-scale industrial production are connected via pilot-scale fermenters. These flexible devices can be used by process engineers and researchers to test and improve their processes before scaling them up to larger volumes. Working volume, material quality, control systems, and the integration of sensors and data logging are some of the variables that affect the price of pilot-scale fermenters in India. Pilot-scale fermenters offer scalability and flexibility for companies wishing to scale up their production, even if they are more expensive than laboratory-size options.

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