BOD Incubator Price

UPM Manufacturer BOD Incubator for Biotech, Pharmaceutical and API Manufacturer in India. We Supply Laboratory BOD Incubator AS Per Customer Size Requirement. Our Biological Oxygen Demand(BOD Incubator) Comes With Both Heating and Cooling System. UP to 60 Degree Celsius Temperature Can Archive In Our BOD Incubator.  UP to 10 Degree Celsius Temperature Can Make By out Refrigeration System In BOD Incubator. We Can Manufacture and Supply BOD Incubator Shaker As Optional. Our Standard Model Is 600 x 600 x 900/790 Height Is Available For Ready Stock. UPM BOD Incubator Price Is Very Low Compared With Remi and Other Bod Incubator Manufacturers In India.


Uma Pharmatech Machinery also Manufacturer and Supply Laboratory Incubator Shaker. We Manufacture Custom Size Bod Incubator and Shaker With Heating and Cooling Facility. We Provide Accurate Temperature Maintain In Lab Incubator. We Provide PID Based Micro Processor System For Laboratory Incubator in India. We Provide PLC Based Controlling On Demand Of Customer. Price Of PLC Based Lab Incubator Is Affordable Compared With Remi Incubator. 

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