Advanced Features Of UPM Fermenter Bioreactors

Working Volume( Liter): 70% Of Total Volumes

What material is used for fermenter?

Generally SS316L Material Is Used In Fermenter For Contact Part. SS304 or Mild Steel Material Is Used In Jacket and Non Contact Parts.

 Wetted parts are SS316L/ Toughen or Borosilicate Glass, and others is SS304
Surface Finish inside surface is Matt finish
Agitation Bioreactor use Elmech decelerator
top mechanical agitator with six blade Ruston Turbines, one Top Space Mechanical Foam Breaker Or Liquid Palm Oil Deformer and four baffles(Vessel Día/12).
Single Dry mechanical seal (single or double mechanical seal With Heat Trap For High Temperature With Cooling Facilities)
speed range 0-300rpm (it depends on the size and Critical speed and pumping rate of the Agitators and baffles)

Top Entry With  Shaft Jointed With Flexible Removal Couple agitator with speed variation from 100 to 1000 RPM

Using alcohol flame inoculation
Aseptic sampling and Zero Dead Flush bottom valve
CIP & SIP system inbuilt Cleaning and Sterilization.
In Line PH,  Inline DO,  In Line temperature Measurement sensor on lower side, site glass, top with foam and  Media level Electrode or Sensors.

Leg/ Lug Support Type Bioreactor vessel with Common control Panel

Capacity 10
0L to 40000L

Max Temperature (degree Celsius)250

Our Products:

Uma Pharma provides a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment and supplies. Among our offerings are:

Autoclaves for laboratories: Our autoclaves for laboratories are designed to meet the needs of modern laboratories. They are dependable, efficient, and simple to use.

Laboratory Shakers: Our laboratory shakers are built to deliver precise and dependable results. They are ideal for a variety of laboratory applications.

UPM laboratory Bioreactors are designed to provide precise temperature control and uniform heating. They are ideal for a variety of laboratory applications.

Laboratory Incubators: Our laboratory incubators are built to provide precise temperature control and a stable environment for microorganism growth. They are ideal for a variety of laboratory applications.



UMA PHARMATECH MACHINERY IS Leading Fermenter manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We Manufacture and Export  stainless steel Fermenter From Laboratory scale to Industrial scale. which are suitable for cultivation of microbial culture & bacterial derived Enzymes.

Uma Pharmatech Machinery is your reliable source for high-quality laboratory equipment and supplies. We are a leading laboratory equipment manufacturer and supplier, offering dependable and innovative solutions to customers all over the world. UPM’s mission is to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.

Specific characteristics of these fermenters is Attached  below:  

  • Automatic Media preparation System
  • Automatic Media Sterilization System
  • Proper Mixing
  • High Pumping Capacity
  • Sterile Harvesting System
  • Collection and tank holding system
  • Precipitation Controlling
  • in line pH Measurement and controlling
  • in line Media and Inoculation feeding
  • in line Foam control using Mechanical Deformer

Uma Pharmatech Machinery Bioreactor Construction is Very Compact Because industrial  Instruments and parts of Own makes for easy Maintenance and Replace into any production facility. UPM Fermenter design Specification come with the following advantages:

Standard Aspect Ratio  design (L: D ratio 2:1 optimization)

Low space Cover

Range: 10L – 40000L

Automatic and Semi Automatic in configuration to meet the Customer Requirements.


Fermenter Manufacturer in Gujarat

difference between bioreactor and fermentor?

Bioreactor is a Small System For Fermentation Studies in Research Institutes. Volume Of the Batch is Small <10 Litter is Called Bioreactors. Bioreactors Made Of Borosilicate or Toughen Glass. Fermenter Is a Machine To Manufacture in Large Scale Production After Number Of Research in Glass Bioreactor. Cost Of Glass Bioreactor is Less Then Pilot Scale Fermenter. Drawback Of Glass Bioreactor is We Can Not Make Positive Pressure Thus We Can Not Use Insitu Sterilization Method.
Lab Scale Fermenter From Sytorious Brand Is Around 60lac/ 10Fermenter. This Is Too Much Costly For Researcher For Study in Microbiology Lab. Uma Pharmatech Machinery is One Of The Reputed Brand as a Indian Exporter and Manufacturer. Uma Pharmatech Machinery Lab Scale Fermenter Comes With All Utility in 7 Lac+ 18% GST Only. This is Truly Affordable To Customer Who Want To Start Biotech Company in India.

What are the two types of bioreactors?

Generally Two Types Of Bioreactor Available as Per Sterilization Method 1) Insitu Serializable Bioreactors 2) Autoclavable Bioreactors Insitu Bioreactors Made Of Stainless Steel Material. For Sterilize this Bioreactor Require Steam Generator Or Boiler. In This Bioreactor In Place Sterilization Is Possible Where as Autoclavable Bioreactors are Made Of Borosilicate Glass Material. Autoclave Is Require To Sterile This Fermenter Bioreactor. In This Bioreactor IN place SIP(Sterilize in Place) Not Possible. Motor and Other Accessory Is to Remove From Bioreactor To Sterile Before Place In to The Bioreactor.
Bioreactor Is Special Designed System To Manufacture Bio Product and Biostudy With Absence Of Environment Condition. For Cell Culture and Mammalian Cell Development Bioreactor Is Require With Automatic Control Parameter Like ph., Temperature, Pressure, Agitation Control. In Pilot Scale Bioreactor Also Called as Fermenter There are Many Types Of Bioreactors 1) Cell Culture Bioreactors 2) Photo Bioreactors 3) Single Use Bioreactors 4) Bacterial Bioreactors 5) Glass Bioreactors 6) Stainless Steel Bioreactors 7) Pilot Scale Fermenter Bioreactors 8) Lab Scale Fermenter Bioreactors 9) Industrial Fermenter Bioreactors

Fermenter Manufacturer in Karnataka

Fermenter Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

UPM Projects is design and Research advanced manufacturing or Production facilities for a  Wide range of Fermenter Manufacturing Company in Ahmedabad including  Bio Chemical, pharmaceutical API.

Most Of Microorganism are Applicable in  Pilot Scale Production in Biotech Lab to produce a More range of chemical Fertilizer and Biochemicals, enzymes and drugs is Manufactured In Fermenter in Ahmedabad With Automatic Controlling System.

  • growth Bacteria and Fungai economically in fermenters on either solid/ liquid media
  • Micro Organisms fast growth rate and so can produce large Fermenter yields in less time
  • They can be genetically Designed with relative Sense to synthesize natural product.
  • It Can able to Migrate Fair growth condition Like Temperature , Ph and Pressure Etc. (Examples:. extremophiles is growing in high temperature and pressure With Aerobic and Acidic Atmosphere)
laboratory fermenter bioreactor manufacturer in Andhra Pradesh

Fermenter Manufacturing Companies

Pilot scale Fermenter used in pharmaceuticals or biotech & agriculture industries for Many bio Enzymes and API Bulk Drug product manufacturing in Ahmedabad.

We are manufacturing Pilot Scale Bioreactor For Fermentation plant as per Client requirement
We are manufacturing Industrial Bioreactors up to 50000Liter Growth Volume capacity.

Industrial Fermenter Vessels manufactured by Uma Pharmatech Machinery is the most Complicated designed product to meet the Need of the Pharma and Biotech Research Lab & Companies In Ahmedabad.



Why Should You Use Uma Pharmatech Machinery?

Uma Pharmatech Machinery is dedicated to providing the best laboratory equipment and supplies to our customers. Here are some of the reasons why you should work with us:

Quality Products: Uma Pharma products are made with cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials. To ensure that our products meet the highest standards, we only use the best raw materials and components.

Competitive Pricing: UPM offers competitive pricing on all of our products, allowing you to get the best value for your money.

UPM expert team has years of experience in the laboratory equipment industry. They are always available to offer you the best advice and support.

Customization: We provide tailored solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements. We can assist you whether you require a standard product or a customized solution.

After-Sales Service: To ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchases, we provide excellent after-sales service. When you require technical support or assistance, our team is always available.

Laboratory Fermenter Manufacturer

fermenter bioreactor

Being an Top 10 organization in the Fermenter Manufacturing industry in Ahmedabad, we are Dealing in providing a Superior quality range of  Pilot Scale and Laboratory Bioreactors and Fermenter For Production. Specifications: • Scada control with touch screen module Features: • Computer compatible control system with PLC• Limpet Coil pressure Reactors made of stainless steel  304 Grade with standard ports • Data Acquisition and Data Logging   system is provided to Graph and Report Batch parameter( Process/ Sterilization) Dual set point failures • Single Dry mechanical shaft seal with Heat Trap Cooling Systems.


Bioreactor Manufacturer In Ahmedabad

Uma Pharmatech is dedicated to providing the best laboratory equipment and supplies to our customers. We provide high-quality products at competitive prices, as well as expertise, customization, and excellent after-sales service For Fermenter and Bioreactor In Ahmedabad-Gujarat. Uma Pharmatech is the place to go for dependable and innovative laboratory equipment and supplies. To learn more about our products and services, please contact us today.


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