UMA PHARMATECH is one Of the Trusted Supplier and Manufacturer Of Fermenter In West Bengal India. We are Engauge In Fermentation Plant. We are Manufacturing Bacterial Fermenter and Bioreactor For Various Application In Biotech and Pharma and Health Care Industry. so now that we know the concepts of acid and base control.  let’s step into the lab and look at some rotary pumps.  so in this video you can see on the left some base on the right.  we have some concentrated acid and what you’re looking at our four pumps.  labelled a one two a four you’re going to see.  now that pump a three begins to spin that is actually an indication that that rotary pump is pumping a little bit of acid into our bacterial fermenter Manufacturer in Kolkata West Bengal India.  at that moment and the reason we would see that is because our stirred tank fermenter has gotten a little bit too basic.  so we add a small drop of acid to balance it out this is a pH controlled reaction.  we could also let the reaction do whatever it wants and not add acid and base at all. one last thing to mention is this this port that I showed you that we’d hook Add  thermometer to that’s going to  allow us to track the temperature.  this particular type of fermenter is going to be sitting in a large scale fermenter Vessel.  which is going to hug it on all sides and that’s actually going to provide heating to the fermentation tank.

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so we’ll keep the temperature constant and we’ll monitor that as well other systems might have what’s called a heat finger which basically just looks a little bit like this pH probe.  but it will be metal and it will heat below the surface of the liquid to keep the heat constant.  so all in all this fed batch bioreactor is going to allow us to control a lot of variables.  again I’m going to  show you.  now what it looks like when it’s actually running it’s going to  look a little bit crazy.  but you can always come back to the first part of this Website.  where we’re talking about these components on the computer or to this part of the Website. where we’re showing them one by one if the next step gets too complicated.  you can always come back all right so as promised.  we are now in the fermentation Plant and we’re looking at a running lab-scale fermentation plant.

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