Each type of Industrial fermenter is specifically made to carry out particular tasks and generate particular kinds of products. We collaborate with our customers to fully grasp their unique requirements before presenting the fermenter that would perform best for them.

Characteristics and Design of Our Fermenters

The highest criteria of dependability, efficiency, and quality are met by Uma Pharmatech Machinery Lab fermenters. To make sure that our fermenters are strong and long-lasting, we only employ premium materials. Our fermenters also have a number of features that make them simple to use, maintain, and clean.



A variety of industrial Bioreactor must go through the fermentation process in order to be produced. UPM specialize in producing top-of-the-line fermenters at our manufacturing facility in Rajasthan that are tailored to the unique requirements of various industries. Uma Pharmatech Pilot Scale fermenters are constructed with the newest technology and are long-lasting, guaranteeing that your manufacturing procedures go smoothly and effectively.


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Types of Bioreactors

• Stirred Tank Bioreactors • Bubble Column Bioreactors • Packed Bed Bioreactors • Microfluidic Bioreactors • Industrial Bioreactor • Pilot Scale Bioreactor • Lab Scale Bioreactor Uma Pharmatech is One Of The Trusted Manufacturer and Indian Exporter of Fermenter and Bioreactor.


Bioreactor Manufacturer In Rajasthan

Some characteristics of our fermenters are as follows:

Stainless steel fabrication of the highest calibre
pH and temperature regulation
Agitation mechanism
Controlled by oxygen and carbon dioxide
Sterilization in place
High-precision sensors to track crucial process parameters
Additionally, because our fermenters are adaptable, customers can add or remove particular elements to suit their individual requirements.


Laboratory Fermenter Manufacturers

Benefits of Using UPM Fermenters

UPM fermenters are the finest option for a variety of sectors because they provide so many benefits. Using Uma Pharmatech Bioreactor & fermenters has a number of benefits, such as:

High-quality design that ensures dependability and prolonged use
modern controls that guarantee precise and effective fermentation
Adaptable design that satisfies certain client requirements
simple to use, keep up, and clean
fantastic customer service




Fermenter Bioreactor Manufacturer in Gwalior

Uma Pharmatech manufacture top-of-the-line Pilot Scale fermenters at our manufacturing facility in Rajasthan to meet the demands of diverse businesses. The highest criteria of dependability, efficiency, and quality are met by Industrial fermenters. Uma Pharmatech Machinery can assist you in achieving your production objectives while assuring maximum efficiency and productivity thanks to our cutting-edge technologies and adaptable designs. To find out more about our fermenters and how we can help you enhance your production processes, get in touch with us right now.


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