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we’re going to turn on our laboratory fermentor bioreactor unit.  we do that right over here with this green button and that will illuminate.  you’ll see a display screen it’s going to go through a bit of a self-test.  There we go it’s ready to begin okay this is what the controller looks like we’ve go to pH button ,temperature button ,dissolved oxygen level and stirrer.  we’re going to use the four that are lit up we’re not actually going to use the level to calibrate the pH probe will hit the pH button.  then the called which is short for calibrate.  we will then use this dial here to highlight not that but this one right here.  reset to default calibration values then we’re going to hit called again okay then we’re going to hit pH calibrate gun and to actually calibrate it hit called again.  now what we’re going to do is we are going to put the pH probe and temperature probe here’s. 


 the temperature probe up here we’re going to put them into the pH7 buffer.  before we put them into the buffer we need to rinse it off like we normally do so it rinse it off lot drive then insert into the pH 7well it’s in the pH 7 buffer you’ll  lookover here. and if you see you can see right here it’s displaying what the actual pH value is and you can see it’s kind of changing. . you know fairly rapidly we want to let that stabilize the temperature is also reading it’s reading about twenty point four which seems to be about right. sometimes these temperature probes aren’t the best and read the wrong temperature but room temperature is kept typically around 25 degrees Celsius.  so I guess 20 might not be too far off on this winter afternoon.  we can input the temperature there by pressing start stop . you’ll see it’s going to go from zero to twenty point three give it a second there it goes twenty point three.  now let’s go back at the pH it’s still moving pretty rapidly so we’re just can’t we’re just going to wait for a couple of minutes till its stabilizes so it looks like settled on 6.58.

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we’re going to dial in here with the dial 6.58you dial in what it is reading not what.  it’s supposed to be so six point five eight then we’re going to press call band it’s going to tell us in a second to put it in the second buffer. so I’m just going to do the same thing again. I’m going to wash the probes off and put it in the second buffer. so the probes are have now been washed off.  but the temperature and the pH probe and then they’re in the four buffer.  

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if we take a look at the screen we will see the screen is reading three point seven four seven three.  it is again moving pretty rapidly we will wait for that to stabilize.  we’re back and it looks like the pH has stabilized at three point six five.  so again we’re going to dial in that buffer value3.65impress call band.  it’s going to display the slope and offset the slope is one point zero.  offset is zero point zero one we’re going to record that in the logbook.  we did not do slope culture. we don’t really have a color.  we’ll just say read an n/a.  so let’s see if that’s within range you have to look at the SOP here’s the SOP.  and it says slope should be 0.95 to 1.05 so that’s one is right in that range and the offset should be less than 0.3so 0.01 is less than that. so we’re good all right now we’re going to  press set set P to continue and again to get back to the main screen.  and we’re done with the controller.  so we can turn this off with our big green button you can see the screen has gone off.



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