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you may not be able to see that water but its truly there so what we would do with this media and cells in a real reactions.  we would trace what metabolites wherein the media at that moment what metabolites were inside of the cell at that moment.  what RNAs or proteins were inside of the cells in that reaction and from all of that.  we can learn more about our process and we may be able to make it more efficient and get a get a lot of information from that the other Website. you’re seeing here our acid and base tubes so for instance we could call this our acid tube . what we would do is hook a line up to this.  you’ll see that in a few moments and that would allow us to slowly add an acid if the media starts to become too basic.  we can add in a very small drop of acid to rate to lower the pH back to the level that.  We want the same thing is true if with the tube like this which is going to be used for base and both of those are going tube hooked up to small rotary pumps.  Which allow us to very accurately add a very small amount of liquid.  now being able to add acid and base would be pointless.  If we don’t know the actual pH of our media.

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so what we have is a probe that is going to measure the pH of this media. so this probe is going to sit below the surface of the water inside of this Fermentation tank.  it’s going to be connected on top to a cable which is going to go to a machine and then to a computer which will allow us to track in real-time.  the pH of this fermenter bioreactor that’s going be locked down by a gasket.  everything’s locked down by a gasket.  so that we don’t lose any air through the top here.  so this would be hooked in you could imagine through this port.  and that up-to-the-moment tracking along with our ability to add acid and base allows really a computer on its own to keep the pH of this fermentor and bioreactor  at a very constant pH.

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so ,if we look at this graph over here and we think about pH on they-axis time on the x-axis.  we’re going to get readings up to the minute from this pilot scale fermenter. so maybe we get one reading every minute that tells us that our pH that we started with is starting to dip a little bit.



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 this is becoming a little bit too acidic what we would do is add in a drop of maybe Koh.  something that is a bit basic which would rise up the pH to the normal level. we want and the something if this pH was to get a little bit too.  basic we could then just add in some acid.

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