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We will go over all you need to know about dairy and pharmaceutical fittings in this comprehensive tutorial. We’ve got you covered when it comes to fittings, covering everything from their uses to their advantages. Now let’s get started without further ado.

Various Dairy and Pharmaceutical Fittings

We at Uma Pharmatech provide a broad selection of dairy and pharmaceutical fittings that are tailored to the unique requirements of these sectors. We provide a variety of fittings, some of which are among the most popular:

Tc Ferrules and Tc Clamps
Tc End Ball Valves \ Tc Adapters \ Tc Hoses
Tc Gaskets
SS Filter Housing 5Inch For Fermenter
SS Pressure Indicator Gel Filled Or Glycerin Filled
Pipe and Tubing Fittings
We will go into more detail about the distinct qualities and advantages of each of these fittings in the sections that follow.

SS Tc Clamp Suppliers

Ferrules and Clamps

Two sections of tube or piping are connected together using clamps and ferrules. These fittings are frequently used in the dairy and pharmaceutical industries, both of which place a high priority on hygiene. Our clamps and ferrules are constructed to endure high pressure and temperature using premium materials like stainless steel.

Tc End Ball Valves

In a plumbing system, valves are used to control the flow of fluids. Our valves are made to specifically fulfil the demands of the pharmaceutical and dairy industries, where maintaining hygienic conditions is essential. We provide a comprehensive selection of valves, including, among others, ball valves, butterfly valves, and diaphragm valves, Tc End Ball Valves.

Tc Threaded Adapters

Adapters are used to join two sections of tubing or piping that are of different sizes. Our adapters are made of premium materials like stainless steel and are designed to ensure a tight, leak-free connection.

Tc Hoses

Fluids are moved from one location to another using hoses. Our hoses are made to specifically satisfy the demands of the pharmaceutical and dairy industries, where maintaining hygienic conditions is essential. Our selection of hoses is extensive and includes, among others, rubber, silicone, and PTFE hoses.

Tc Ferrule and  Tc Gaskets

To ensure a tight seal between two pieces of tubing or piping, gaskets and seals are utilised. Our gaskets and seals are created to endure high pressure and temperature and are constructed of premium materials like silicone and EPDM.

SS Filters Housing For Fermenter

Impurities are eliminated from fluids in a piping system using filters and strainers. Our filters and strainers are made to specifically suit the requirements of the pharmaceutical and dairy industries, where maintaining hygienic conditions is essential.

Pressure Indicator 2.5 Inch Dial Gel Filled

Fluid pressure in a piping system is monitored using pressure gauges. Our pressure gauges are comprised of premium components like stainless steel and are intended to offer precise readings.

Pipe and Tubing Fittings

To connect two pieces of tubing or piping together, utilize fittings for tubing and pipes. Our tube and pipe fittings are made of premium materials like stainless steel and are intended to offer a secure, leak-free connection.


SS TC Clamp Price List

How do dairy fittings work?

Specialized parts called dairy fittings are employed in the food and beverage sector. They are made to be utilized in situations when cleanliness is crucial, including when making milk, cheese, yoghurt, and other dairy products. Stainless steel, which resists corrosion and is easy to clean, is usually used to make dairy fittings.


Dairy Fittings Types

Dairy fittings come in a variety of varieties and are each made to serve a certain function. Dairy fittings come in a variety of popular forms, such as:

Tri clover Clamps:

They are used to firmly and impenetrably seal the connection between two dairy fittings.

Tc End Ball Valves:

In a dairy processing plant, these are utilized to regulate the flow of liquid or gas. They come in a variety of varieties, including diaphragm valves, ball valves, and butterfly valves.

Flexible hoses called dairy hoses are used to move liquids and gases from one section of the dairy factory to another. Depending on the particular purpose, they come in a variety of sizes and materials.

Design and Production of Milking Fittings

Dairy fittings are created and produced in accordance with stringent safety and hygiene requirements. Dairy fittings often have rounded corners and smooth surfaces, which make them simple to clean and reduce the growth of bacteria.

SS Tc Fittings and Dairy Pharma fittings are manufactured using specific tools and procedures such welding, polishing, and passivation. These procedures guarantee that the fittings are free of flaws and contaminants that can jeopardies their hygienic and safe operation.

The food and beverage sector relies heavily on dairy fittings. They offer a number of advantages, such as cleanliness, durability, and simplicity of washing, and are made to strict safety and hygiene requirements.




SS Tc Clamp and Tc Fittings

Reasons to Use Dairy Fittings

Dairy fittings have a number of advantages when used in food and beverage processing facilities, including:


Dairy fittings are made to adhere to high standards of hygiene, assuring the safety of the dairy plant’s output.


Dairy fittings are built of high-quality, corrosion- and damage-resistant materials such stainless steel.

Dairy fittings are simple to clean, which is important for preserving their sanitation. They have smooth surfaces and rounded corners.


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